We’re All Invited.

Okay, the Royal Wedding of Prince Henry of Wales and HRH Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now still swirling in everyone’s minds. I personally didn’t watch the wedding because I am still quite sore over the Alfie Evans affair, so I have pretty much declared a boycott of all things British, right down to tossing out all my Twinings tea (good Lord, you have NO idea how much that hurt) and cancelling my subscription to BritBox (oh, Doctor Who and Blackadder, how I miss you most dreadfully). I still have a few Burberry items of which to divest, but I’d be stark raving mad to jettison them outright.

But anyway, with occasions such as these, go anywhere on social media and you’ll find the usual characters, in the U.S. especially, proclaiming how ridiculous the whole affair is, and how we fought for independence from the Crown more than 200 years ago so we wouldn’t have to care a wit about this. There will also be those who complain about how much money the whole thing cost. I’ll admit, I’m not too keen on that last aspect myself, but what you gonna do, right? However, there are many reasons why we SHOULD care and it really does matter.

I won’t get in to the obvious by stating that Meghan Markle is Black, though she is not the first woman of color to become part of a royal family. She is not the first divorcée. She is not the first American. So, all that is out of the way. Why this does matter is because it is a magnificent how of pageantry. It is a positive demonstration, one of love. It gives us, at least most of us, something to look forward to. Royal weddings don’t happen every day. This is something that the whole world can look forward to and unite over. They’re beautiful. They’re magical. They help us escape from everything for a few hours. No pain, no tragedy. Just all beauty and light. Majestic pomp and circumstance. Every traditional girl’s dream. Even for us commoners, a wedding is meant to be a beautiful and joyous occasion, to be shared with well-wishers.

Also, royal weddings have a positive economic impact, the British one at least. People plan their vacations to coincide with the festivities. They buy memorabilia. Commemorative stamps are commissioned by the Royal Mail. Women wait with bated breath to see what the gown, flower arrangements, and cake will look like. Fascinators fly off the shelves at milliners all around the world. Bridal and dress designers scramble to duplicate the fashions. This all means something.

Honestly, what it really all comes dow to is our innate desire to find and witness those things that are beautiful and fantastic. We crave it. We need it. It’s what makes life worth living. It helps us dream. It keeps us going. It brings us together. It makes us forget, even for a moment, that which we must return and face when the high comes down.

So, to all those naysayers and party-poopers who want to rain on everyone’s parade and berate them for taking an interest, I say, have a seat, have a pint, and shut your gob.

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